NDR585: 3U open vpx wideband microwave transceiver


Phase Coherent Multichannel Wideband Digital Tuner

The NDR585 is a wideband, 4 channel, 3U OpenVPX microwave tuner that provides frequency coverage from 20 MHz to 18 GHz. The NDR585’s industry leading channel density minimizes system level SWaP. Each of the 4 channels provides a 1 GHz analog IF output with a 500 MHz instantaneous bandwidth. The channels can tune both independently and phase coherently and multiple NDR585 units can be synchronized for phase coherent operation. The NDR585 incorporates a super-heterodyne RF conversion architecture to minimize spurious products and yield high dynamic range performance. The fully integrated synthesizers provide fast tuning, low phase noise and the tuning flexibility to choose an alternative IF output center frequency (an IF different than 1 GHz) if desired. The NDR585 includes an internal 100 MHz OCXO and accepts a 10 MHz reference input.




  • Rapid Spectral Search
  • Multi-channel DF and Beamforming
  • High Performance Airborne SIGINT
  • Wideband recording
  • SOSA and MORA Aligned
  • Support for multi-module coherent operation

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NDR301 Technical Datasheet
NDR585 Technical Datasheet
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