NDR374: 4-channel 3u vpx Digital Tuner


Phase Coherent Multichannel Wideband Digital Tuner
The NDR374 digital tuner is a 4-channel, superheterodyne downconverter that covers RF signals from 2 MHz to 8 GHz. The NDR374 is a rugged 3U conduction cooled VPX module, per VITA 46/48/65/67 and is aligned with the SOSA™ Technical Standard. The NDR374 is a 3U open architecture version of the existing NDR358 tuner to include RF performance, command set and DSP-based modes of operation (the NDR374 enables efficient system integration for existing NDR358 users). Integrated high dynamic range 16-bit Analog-to-Digital converters (ADC's) are utilized to digitize an 125 MHz wide IF at 368 Msps sample rate. Command and control of the digital tuner are via a 1G/10G Ethernet interface and power is derived from the P0 12V power supply input (60W power consumption). An on-board Xilinx MPSoC UltraScale FPGA is used for the channelizer, the VITA-49 formatter, data multiplexer and the Digital IF data interface. The Data Plane Digital IF output simultaneously provides both full bandwidth Digital IF data along with multiple narrow bandwidth DDC outputs.




  • Rapid Spectral Search
  • Multi-channel DF and Beamforming
  • High Performance Airborne SIGINT
  • Wideband Recording
  • SOSA and MORA Aligned
  • Support for multi-module coherent operation

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NDR301 Technical Datasheet
NDR374 Technical Datasheet
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