NDR328 8-Channel General Purpose Receiver


8-Channel General Purpose ReceiverThe NDR328 is an affordable standalone 8-Channel general purpose receiver that converts the VHF/UHF spectrum to digital IF (I/Q) data over dual 1 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces or dual 10 Gigabit Ethernet interface. The NDR328 includes 8 independent tuners that each cover the 20 to 6000 MHz frequency range with a 40 MHz instantaneous bandwidth totaling 320 MHz of collection bandwidth. The FPGA processing is designed to allow 100 independently tuned digital drop receivers (DDRs) to be placed anywhere along the 320 MHz collection bandwidth. Each independent DDR has a selectable demodulation bandwidth, demodulation type, BFO, ALC or Squelch, automatic or manual gain control. Either digital audio with audio AGC or digital IF data for each DDR is available as output over the data port. The output over the data port has the flexibility to independently route channels to selectable network destinations. Wideband spectral data for each channel at 40 MHz bandwidth each is available over the data port.




  • Narrowband Signal Processing
  • Radio Receiver Systems
  • Spectrum Monitoring Systems
  • Test and Training Systems

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NDR328Technical Datasheet
NDR328 Technical Datasheet
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