NDR303: Multichannel Wireless Digital Tuner


Multichannel Wireless Digital TunerThe NDR303 is an affordable 6-channel digital tuner that converts commercial wireless bands to channelized data over Ethernet. The NDR303 includes 6 independent channels that can be tuned anywhere within the 1G/2G/3G commercial bands (400-500 MHz, 700-1000 MHz and 1500-2200 MHz). Each of these tuner data streams are digitally processed further to produce digital channelized data optimized for the different 1G/2G/3G commercial wireless technologies. Today the NDR303 includes support for GSM and CDMA2000 modes with UMTS mode soon to follow.




  • Affordable solution for sustained, persistent monitoring of commercial wireless bands/spectrum
  • Intelligent data reduction for maximum recording and post analysis support

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