NDR470: Gigabit Ethernet Digital Tuner


Gigabit Ethernet Digital TunerThe NDR470 is an affordable 2 or 4-channel wideband digital tuner that converts the VHF/UHF spectrum to digital IF (I/Q) data over Ethernet. The NDR470 includes 4 independent tuners that cover the 20 to 3000 MHz frequency range with a 10 MHz bandwidth. To enable Geolocation applications, the NDR470 includes an embedded GPS receiver, an external 1PPS input and optional precision time-tagged digital IF data formatted based on the VITA-49 standard. The unit is packaged in a rugged aluminum chassis that provides RF shielding, thermal heat management and protection suitable for harsh environments.

The NDR470 includes an FPGA-based digital processor that receives 4 channels of wideband ADC data, performs fixed rate decimation, forms digital IF data packets and transmits streaming baseband I/Q digital IF data over the Gigabit Ethernet interface. The NDR470 supports 4 wideband DDCs with bandwidths ranging from 375 kHz to 10 MHz and 32 narrowband DDCs with bandwidths ranging from 3.84 kHz to 384 kHz.




  • Network Defined Receiver Node
  • Precision Gelocation
  • Spectral Search and Survey

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NDR470 Technical Datasheet
NDR470 Technical Datasheet
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