NDR1012: Software Defined Direct Digital Synthesizer


Software Direct Defined Digital SynthesizerCyberRadio has recently designed the NDR1012 to provide its customers with a Direct Digital Synthesizer that has the flexibility of an FPGA and the capability expected from a system using the most advanced digital signal processing techniques available.

The NDR1012 is packaged in a rugged aluminum chassis that that includes an FPGA based DDS core, a separate RF output board and clocking module. This modular design approach allows CyberRadio to provide a DDS solution that matches the customer’s requirements of output frequency range, output power and input clock rate.

The NDR1012 is designed to be the single DDS platform that can be adapted to all of our customers’ synthesizer needs.




  • Anti-IED Jammer
  • Frequency Hop Follower
  • Microwave Synthesizers
  • Electronic Countermeasures
  • Digital RF Memory
  • Radar Stimulator
  • Waveform Generator

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NDR1012 Technical Datasheet
NDR1012 Technical Datasheet
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