Cyber Radio Solutions


CyberRadio Solutions is very exited to introduce the newest additions to our product portfolio. CyberRadio continues to provide innovative, affordable technology  to the commercial and government communities. CyberRadio is currently launching 4 new high performance products. The NDR362 and NDR364 are 2 and 4 channel 6 GHz tuners that stream a 125 MHz digital bandwidth (each channel) over dual 10 Gigabit Ethernet Data interfaces. These digital tuners support both independent and phase coherent tuning. The NDR358 is an 8 channel wideband digital tuner covering the 20 MHz to 6 GHz frequency range with an 80 MHz digital bandwidth (each channel) that supports both independent and phase coherent tuning. Like its sister product the NDR551, the NDR358 is a high performance tuner with extensive built-in DSP capability that is designed for harsh environments such as fixed site, airborne, surface and sub-surface maritime platforms and rugged ground vehicles. Finally, the NDR328 is an 8 channel general purpose receiver with 100 tunable DDR’s with selectable bandwidths and built-in demodulators.



CyberRadio Solutions will be introducing a commercial set of hardware platforms as well as applications. The hardware platforms will be centered on low channel count receivers and transceivers that are high-quality, low cost, low SWaP and GNU Radio compatible. Potential applications include spectrum analyzers, amateur radio astronomy and satellite communications.



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